I help people add meaningful years to their lives


Ageless Mind. Timeless Achievements

I can’t fix a thing in my house, but I am a great problem solver in a lab. I learn abstract concepts quickly, I have a knack for troubleshooting and I love studying molecular mechanisms.

Research is second nature to me. So I got a PhD.
Fascinated by our Biology, I studied the working of cells, in particular in the context of cancer, driven by the desire to contribute to medical sciences.

I worked for a decade in the research and development of gene therapy and drug delivery. I spent the last 2 years of my career in research studying the biology of Aging.

I went through burnout which required some radical self-care to recover. After realizing there is untapped power in the prevention of chronic diseases, I decided to learn about the science of behavior change to work in relationships with people and help them create new habits for longer, healthier lives.

As a functional health coach, I am trained to have impactful conversations with people so they make changes that are meaningful to them

I first learned, through Science, that decline is not an inevitability and that by working with our Biology we can slow down the effects of time on our body and cognitive abilities

I then learned through changes in diet and habits of my own, that we can all increase our healthspan to live longer, fuller lives through little things we do on a daily basis and early on


PhD, Health sciences. Universite Henri Poincarre, Nancy, France. 2010

ADAPT health coach, Kresser Institute. 2021

Want to better understand your epi-age results?

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