Anti-aging expert who helps her people staying younger and living longer


Anyone who tried learning what the most effective anti-aging strategy and tactics are, soon discovered that the sheer volume of information on anti-aging available these days is confusing, let alone how contradictory and unstructured the information is.

Elena saves her clients hundreds of hours needed to read, interpret, and start applying complex information on anti-aging, including the latest scientific research.

To get started on your anti-aging path, you can watch her free video Science-based anti-aging 101: How to stay young longer and live longer.

Elena’s path in the anti-aging field was prompted by the thoughts of her own aging and by a subsequent search for science-based effective anti-aging interventions.

For over a decade, Elena studied scientific research on the causes of human aging, longevity factors, and numerous anti-aging interventions. She is analyzing and integrating that information into practical and actionable approaches that add years of life and vitality. Elena was her own first client.

Elena can
help you​:

Help you embark on your longevity path in the fastest, most effective, and least expensive way

Answer specific questions on anti-aging and make sense of the abundant information on anti-aging

Help selecting anti-aging tactics that are best suited to your particular circumstances, preferences, and limitations

Recommend and helps selecting the most effective anti-aging supplements

Help to get or stay motivated or to overcome barriers to staying on course

Get a private consultation about the complex information about anti-aging

Elena’s regular rate for consultations is USD 220/hour
She kindly agreed to offer a special rate to EpiAge customers when booked through the EpiAge website.
The time purchased can be used at any time.

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