Take care of your body.
It’s the only place you have to live.  - Jim Rohn

• Certified Holistic Nutritionist
• Bulletproof Human Potential Coach
• Apeiron Epigenetic Coach

Provides coaching and consultations to people looking to optimize their vitality and performance while improving their biological age, build Health Span and Life Span.

What can people do to slow down or even reverse their biological age?

Until not too long ago the answer to this question was: nothing, or, we don’t know. But today we are understanding that there are things that can be done, ways to modify lifestyle practices, diet and yes, even certain supplements that can help us to move the needle.

Let’s lean into your data and get to work!


Do you eat healthy and do “all the right things” but still wake-up without the energy you used to have? Diet and fitness alone will not keep pace with a busy and productive lifestyle. We need approaches that are unique as each of us are


Are you looking for boundless energy, less pain, greater mental clarity, energizing sleep, and a more powerful immune system while looking and feeling younger than your chronological age? Then you need a coach that will leave no stone unturned to help you reach your goals


You are one of a kind, so why would you use a one-size-fits-all approach to the most important thing you have, your health and vitality. Access the latest research and techniques in Genomic medicine to unlock the true potential of your DNA


Chantal V.
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I called Nathalie when I couldn't put up with the pain due to a past surgery and resulting complications enhanced with ostheo-arthritis. I had grown accustomed to waking up and going to sleep each day in pain. I gained weight, I was depressed and I couldn't think how I would go on for the rest of my life like this. Now 3 months later, I'm living pain free and my gut is functioning much better. This is the most personalized health program you will find.
Ken W.
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Having worked with Nathalie for close to a year, I lost 50 pounds but more importantly my blood work (which was pre-diabetic) has all come back in perfect health. She is thoughtful, practical and her recipes are outstanding (should you need some). Working with her guarantees you access to the best and up to date scientific research on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Your only regret may be why you didn’t start with her sooner.
Paul R.
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My chiropractor recommended Nathalie for help with my arthritic ankle. I’ve also had gut issues for 10 years and needed daily meds to help with acid reflux. I was sceptical that some diet changes, a few supplements and coaching would help with this stuff. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. After four months, the changes have been profound. Acid reflux: gone, along with the pills. Arthritis pain: greatly reduced. I’m playing singles tennis again virtually pain free and I’ve also dropped 15 pounds.